What a Result!

Great result tonight for Rangers. Nobody could say they were lucky over the two legs this time. So many accuse Rangers this season of being the luckiest team out there. I didn’t know playing to your strengths and actually having some tactical nous meant that you were lucky! Certainly they have rode their luck at times as all teams on a good run have to, but I do believe that you make your own luck.

So still competing in three competitions and a packed end of season. What can they achieve? What will they sacrifice if anything? Will the players have the energy to keep competing? I believe they will. Surely it’s nights like this that will spur them on over the coming weeks? Surely they would take the volume of games over sitting out a competition? Can’t wait for the next couple of weeks – big games and not just domestically. Come on!!

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  1. Not winning for the first five games of the season sunk our feeble promotion attempt!
    Look on the bright side, if Thistle hump you I won’t be able to make your life a misery when Saints put you out of another cup!

  2. As much as it pains me, congrats all round; two well taken goals. However, that mob were pretty lame last night, and if we are talking about luck – having the German keep lob the ball into his own net a couple of times in the previous round certainly qualifies in my book. Strangely though I’ve wanted you to continue as far as you could in the UEFA as (a) good for the National coefficient (b) fixture congestion might help us with the League. Nevertheless, we’ve goosed that slim opportunity already and I am 99.9% certain the games-a-bogey on the League front. I would say drat, but I don’t feel particularly hard done by. We got to the last 16 of the Champions League with the worst team we’ve had in four years. Time to regroup and rebuild for 08/09 methinks…

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