Weekly Digest

Weather finally broke and while it’s been great to have a proper summer I loved having a bit of cooler, fresher and wetter weather again. One thing though – why couldn’t it have waited just one more day so I could have shot the blood moon. Bastard weather.

Mission Impossible Fallout – best of the series and a cracking summer blockbuster. It’s a Tom Cruise vehicle but the supporting cast really do well to. Henry Cavill stood out not just cause he’s bloody huge but I can see him being the next big action star. Kudos to Laing Yang who really needs his own film to truly shine but biggest props to Christopher McQuarrie and the stunt team. The action was top notch and the set piece’s coupled with some great locations outdid the best of Bond.

No Mans Sky – Another great update adding multiplayer, better graphics, more missions….and much much more. I might have just bought this for the Xbox.


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