Weekly Digest

Spent much of the week watching the World Athletics Championship from London. Some great performances, amazing crowds and yet again Britain puts on a world class event. Loved seeing Laura Muir pushing herself and so close to a medal in the 1500m. Her time will come.

Game of Thrones this week was epic and not just for the battle at the end. So much pay off throughout the episode. Loved it. Also watched Alien: Covenant and while it was beuatifully shot it ended up an average film for me. They should just leave the franchise alone.

Picked up Nex Machina on the PS4. Basically Smash TV on steroids – a fantastic game.
No Mans Sky has been out for a year and saw a big update this week, so much so I reset my progress and started again. Well worth a try if you were interested last year but were put off by the negative press.


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