A few program updates…

  • There’s a new 360 dash out. It works a bit quicker than the old one and has been slightly reorganised, for the better in my view. It’s caused a bit of a problem for EA games though which i don’t think are fully resolved yet. DivX & XVid playback now fully supported which is nice as well as a slew of small changes throughout the system. Video Marketplace launches Dec 11th in UK – will be interested in comparing HD quality with Sky & BluRay. With these updates the 360 is finally rivalling XBMC for functionality, while blowing it out of the water for HD. Shame about the noise. And the DVD upscaling – so poor!
  • For Mac users wanting to stream the new video formats to the 360 Nullsoft have updated Connect 360. fast work from the devs to get this out the day after the dash update.
  • Yojimbo has finally been updated with a few new features while hopefully addressing a couple of Leopard bugs. Even though Together has been upgraded I still prefer the features in Yojimbo – and .Mac syncing seems to be working again. Woo!

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  1. Slightly disappointing – to the point of being unusable for my purposes, streamed movies still aren’t sorted out into sub-folders when displayed on the Xbox, making it a chore to hunt through my 200+ movie files to find a TV show rather than a 30 sec movie of Ali.

  2. I use Sky HD rather than downloads for my TV watching but for the few files I have the 360 has been superb. If I download anything now it’s in HD. I’d rather have that and manage the files on the Mac to make browsing easy than going back to XBMC.

    But your point is valid with folders. Would be a bit annoying for browsing.

  3. Twonky on NAS and Twonky on Mac are two different things though. Looking forward to hearing your thoughts on the NAS – could be my next purchase.

  4. I’ve only played with it briefly – after spending 3 hours reconfiguring my router to play nicely with both Xbox Live and UPNP. Initially I did it to get things working with the PS3, but was surprised to find that things also worked great on the 360. I’ll spend more time with it, and if it is stable on the Mac and works well on the 360 and/or PS3 then I may purchase it for HD telly. 🙂

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