Tin Cup

We had another trip down to Roodlea on Friday for a round of golf and some eats afterwards. It was another really good day and despite my handicap being cut I managed to win. Again. Oops. Now the handicap will be well and truly butchered but to be honest it’s about time someone else had a chance of winning.

Managed to snap a couple of videos while I was there, one of them pretty funny too. Sorry Tom.

Golf Lessons – The Chip Shot from Ian D on Vimeo.

Other videos can be seen on Vimeo in HD or at Flickr here, here and here as well as the full photo set on Flickr.

We’re hopefully making another trip down in August. The course we visit is Roodlea Family Golf Centre and it’s perfect for us. It’s 18 par three holes which makes it manageable for those of us (me me me) who don’t play golf. Highly recomended.

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  1. dietbruboy says:

    Feeling a bit spoiled, just back from two days playing Turnberry (‘home of the 2009 Open’, as they proudly say on every bit of merchandise in the wince-inducingly-expensive club shop). I bet you guys had just as much fun for £9 a round as we did for £160 a round (albeit the company was picking up the tab!). Note to self, next time down the Ayrshire coast remember the sun-cream (feeling a bit skelped round the back of the neck!). Does Henry play? I’m sure Graham has an old set of clubs kicking around somewhere…

  2. Graham says:

    Very amusing. No clubs I’m afraid Roy. I was always cr*p anyway.

  3. Ian D says:

    Turnberry sounds superb. Not being a golfer though I would hate it – going round 18 par 3’s was enough for me never mind around a proper course. Still, I’d be up for the four of us heading down for some bad golf.

    Sun cream essential though. My neck was slightly burnt too.

  4. dietbruboy says:

    We played off the white medal tee’s the first day – makes the course over 7,000 yards long (assuming you hit the ball in a straight line!!!) – 1,200 yards longer than the normal competition yellow tee’s. Insanely long, but utterly breathtaking views from the cliff tops around the lighthouse. You had to pinch yourself that you were still in Scotland. Helps that we had the best of summer weather too, which is pretty rare – usually its blowing a gale. Anyhoo, it re-kindled my love of the game, but finding the time to get out is a tough one when the kids are keen to see zoo’s/beaches/forests etc every weekend.

  5. Graham says:

    I show my kids the inside of a flat every weekend. Perhaps the inside of the car, or a trip to the park, if they are really lucky.

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