Excuses Excuses

I need another app. Something simpler, something that I can access anywhere. Something to manage my to-do’s. Also need to get my notes sorted, lists etc etc. So I started looking. Maybe Wunderlist, maybe a return to Remember the Milk but nothing seemed to stick. I then read that Apple were doing a promotion on productivity app’s. Maybe I should try Things now that they’ve got cloud syncing sorted?

Does anyone think that this is a great design for an online store? So ugly. Sort it Apple.
Does anyone think that this is a great design for an online store? So ugly. Sort it Apple.

Bollocks. Total and utter bollocks.

Instead of, you know, actually doing stuff with the app’s I’ve got I’m pissing around procrastinating. It’s a trap I’ve fell into before and it’s easily done. Mess around looking for a better tool rather than using what I’ve got. Or stopping to use duplicate app’s and settling down on a few core tools.

So Omnifocus will be used for to-do management. It’s iPad app is far better than the Mac client but version 2 is coming soon (and if you are interested in giving it a try there’s a temporary licence available from Omni while waiting for version 2). As for read it later services, Pocket is now my only app. More versatile than Instapaper and available everywhere. Pinboard has become my link saver of choice. Clean and fast and again there are clients on all platforms plus the web. Finally Evernote is for everything else. PDF’s, manuals, guide’s, recipes, audio notes, web pages, scans…the list is endless and I’m making full use of my premium account.

While I’ll still take a passing interest in similar tools I’ll spend more time being productive rather than shifting from app to app. As a certain Raven Storm used to say, focus…or was it concentrate!