More on Search

So the week with Viewzi on the blog has ended pretty mixed. While I like the styling of it there were some issues with searches not returning accurate (or any) results so I’ve replaced it with Lijit. This has support for more search sources and some nice extra features but I’ve also got a couple of issues.

Firstly none of my Flickr content seems to be indexed but I’ve raised this with the support team. I’m also not overly keen on the styling of the search window and performance seems a bit iffy.

Still, I prefer this to the standard WordPress search so I’ll keep this on for a couple of weeks and see how it goes.

This post has been sitting in draft for a couple of weeks now. Lijit is still enabled and the Flickr images are now correctly indexed. All of the content I want to be returned is returning but the overall performance is a bit slow. I’ll keep it enabled for now but the search for a better WordPress search goes on.