Champions Update

Fantastic – 1-1 draw with Panathinaikos away from home but annoyingly they were 5 minutes from an away win. Bugger, but great at the same time. Man U lost as well which shows just how well we played against Stuttgart and means Rangers are currently top of their league:

UEFA Champions League Group E Table
Wed Oct 01

1 Rangers 4
2 VfB_Stuttgart 3
3 Man Utd 3
4 Panathinaikos 1

Champions League

Glasgow teams are playing yet again this week. Fantastic game for Celtic last night and a good 2-0 win. Rangers turn tonight with a tough away gamein Greece, but they’ve just scored – its 0-1 – the first time they’ve scored in Greece. Way-hey. Its half time and it couldn’t be going any better.

Of course by Saturday a Rangers win in the old firm derby is all that matters!