Staying Active

Apple ran a challenge this year – Ring in the New Year, which rewarded you if you kept active for a week. For me it was a nice goal to reach, keep active for a week and seeing as it was start of the year a chance to work on shedding some holiday weight. It also had a bit more meaning for me as I’ve still had a viral type thing hanging around so running or biking have been a no no. The week went well so why not carry on?

So during the month of February I kept a daily walk going. Most days it was easy to fit with a lunchtime stroll at work and some walks at the weekend. Some days it wasn’t so much especially after a 6 hour drive to and from Barrow…cue a 20 minute walk in the rain but I felt better for it.

I’ve enjoyed getting out and about again, even if it is just locally. The walks have been good at clearing my head especially during busy days at work. I’m also physically feeling a bit better so the plan is to keep up the schedule through March and all going well I’ll look at stepping up distance and then on to cycling and running again. I’m not going to be ruled by meeting the circles every day but I’m glad of the kick they have given me over the last few weeks. Onwards.

3 thoughts on “Staying Active”

  1. Be interesting to see how you get on, I was ‘full circles’ for January and the first few weeks in February but, between moving and other life stuff, I ended up making a conscious decision to give myself a day off from completing them as it was definitely becoming a ‘thing’.

    1. I hear you. Don’t want to be slave to it…but like the positive effect so far. All it will take is one migraine to kill it though so not overly fussed at doing 100%.

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