Some quick updates…

  • Virgin Media’s tech support is useless. My IP address still resolves to Ireland despite the fault seemingly being fixed. Trying to get any sense out of tech support is difficult at best. Seriously giving consideration to moving to Sky broadband now. It will be slower, probably disconnect slightly more but almost a 1/4 of the price of Virgin. At that price a few MB of speed isn’t much.
  • Really looking forward to Radiohead at Glasgow Green this Friday. Hoping the weather will be drier than the last few days though. Coincidently it’s Glastonbury weekend too – chances of dry weather are slim. Wimbledon starts tomorrow too – I guess we’re fecked.
  • Firefox 3 has been a really good upgrade for me. Stable, faster and plugin’s (sorry, add-ons) I use have been updated to support it. Happy days.
  • Great looking Ironman and Joker figures. I feel a purchase coming on.
  • Euro 2008 – fantastic groups stages, not so fantastic quarters. Same for most tournaments now. Tonights game was poor. Penalties again. Cheating Italians. Some things never change.
  • The iPhone’s shocking cost of international downloads. I guess the journo was desperate for someone to read his article so targeted the iPhone? The real problem is the telco’s and what they charge but it’s an old story and been down to death. Very shoddy. is it even more surprising it’s from the Times?
  • 728 tonne ball helps stabilise a skyscraper
  • Doctor Who – a poor season 4 has really lifted over the last four episodes. Final two parter looks good but could it be too jam packed with people to be enjoyable?
  • Battlestar on the other hand has been cracking so far. Episode 10 felt really rushed though…and it’s not back until next year. Fail.
  • Hardly watching any Big Brother. A good thing by all accounts.

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  1. Yup, fingers crossed it won’t rain too hard on Friday! Hey we should hook up for a beer!

    And also looking at Sky Broadband.

    AND that belkin lap thing is ace, i got one for Xmas.

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