Not Too Shabby

Today, the 22nd of January is allegedly the most depressing day of the year. Considering that is a scientific fact today’s turned out not too bad.

Firstly Sky have fixed my dish – it had moved less than 1 cm during the New Year winds and it took them three weeks but I’m now back in the game. Woo hoo!

I took the day off to wait in for the Sky guys. Normally there is nothing on TV but I had the fortune of watching the Murray vs Nadal match which the BBC had cleared their schedules to broadcast. What a game. Great to watch and a shame that Murray ran out of steam towards the end.

I also got my new host sorted. After looking at a number of options (Dreamhost, Media Temple, Site 5 and a couple of other UK based hosts) I went with A Small Orange. Like 34sp they seem to be customer focussed rather than in the business of overselling. Great website support and busy forums were a good sign. Once the hosting was setup I got things up and running without any issue. Just waiting for the DNS propagation to take place. I logged a call to enable shell access this afternoon. It took 4 minutes for them to do the task and reply. Great service. We’ll see how performance and downtime go over the coming months but I have high hopes that I won’t see any issues.

Finally the fence is all fixed up now. Just need to paint the bugger in the Spring. Can’t wait 🙂
Fence Repaired

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  1. A Small Orange host Ruby on Rails eh? Looks good. I’m still with Powweb for hosting who have unbeatable value for money, but response can be a bit slow at peak times.

    Shame for Murray, if he’d been able to convert his breaks – or challenged a key decision things could have been different. Still, he’s the 1st person in the tournament that even looked like they could beat Nadal so it’s looking good for the future.

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