New iPods?

Tomorrow could be expensive if there are new iPods. More intriguing are the BBC Radio 1 hints. Paul McCartney at a special event at the BBC has been mentioned a few times by Edith Bowman. She then went on to prattle about the iPhone coming to the UK in November.

So is this linked to the Apple event? Beatles on iTunes? BBC content on iTunes? iPhone for europe news?

0 thoughts on “New iPods?”

  1. The “BIG” announcement better NOT be The Beatles on iTunes Store.

    Some of us already HAVE our Beatles albums ripped and on our iPods! BBC content would be better, iPhone for Europe the same but… what price the iPods getting some OSX goodness and bigger hard drives?

  2. The Apple online store is down in preparation for the news. I’d be interested in a iphone-esque iPod with wi-fi and touch screen – particularly if there’s not going to be any discount on the iphone when it comes to Europe.

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