Just what is it with this store? Was in there three times in 24 hours on Friday/Saturday and each time they managed to succeed in pissing me off. Firstly, on Friday, after driving 1.5 miles in an hour I got to the store and filled out a card – looking for a soldering iron and some lead free solder. Queue up and find that they’ve none in stock. What – no soldering irons I said. It was then the return of the Spanish Inquisition.

The geek behind the counter (obviously a spark) asked we what kind of soldering I was doing. Electronics I replied, just ever so slightly annoyed with his tone.

Yes, but what kind of electronics. Eh?? Twat? I replied with ‘soldering motherboard’ which got the response ‘nothing in stock for that’. What about the lead-free solder. Nothing. Twat. So a wasted journey but at least we knew Maplin didn’t have what we required.

The second visit was on Saturday lunchtime looking for solder braid. And what do we find on the shelf – tons of lead-free solder and the soldering iron we were after. Buggers! Especially as we had bought solder and an iron from B&Q. Agghhhhh!!!

The third visit hacked me off because I was issued with a free anorak for being a frequent visitor. I hate Maplin. A shop for ubergeeks.

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