Italy Wins

Italy have just won the 2006 World Cup on penalties. Shame really as I thought France were more deserving and certainly had the better game. Even bigger shame is Zidane – sent off after head butting Materazzi. There was no doubt that he should have been sent off – it was as nasty as I’ve seen throughout the whole world cup…well apart from Rooney ripping Carvalho’s sack apart.

It will take time for Zidane to be remembered for his football skills rather than a crazy moment that overshadowed a world cup final. It was even more poignant as he had guided France through the tournament and you felt there was a bit of a last hoorah as he had announced his retirement before the tournament had begun. Read the wikipedia article for some of his achievements and videos highlighting his skill. It has also been updated to reflect tonight’s events. I still loved the coolness of his penalty though – sheer class.

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  1. Yeah, a moment of sheer madness, I really want to know what Materazzi said now that would cause such an action

    nevermind, I’ll always remember Zidane for his sublime volley on Glasgow soil in the 2002 Champions League final, can’t teach that skill

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