HD has arrived

Philips 32pf9830 - My PreciousI am weak. This is my new TV – a Philips 32pf9830 LCD. Pictures from all sources look great, especially high def 360 & upscaled DVD’s. Freeview is great for some channels, pixel hell for others. Not messed with the settings much but will post back some thoughts when it all settles down. As Ricky would say…woof!


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  1. Sweet. It’s got a nicer stand than mine, and (presumably) is capable of displaying the 720p image centrally on the screen (unlike mine). Look forward to seeing it. 🙂

  2. Name and shame those pixellated channels!

    This is my next wishlist item, but, alas, is behind things like a front door that doesn’t leak and other silly nonsense…

  3. Pixellated channels – obvious ones are quiz, shopping and music channels. They are muck. What I’ve found is that it’s not so much the channel but what program is being shown. Terminator 2 on ITV2 the other night was full of pixels but then I had tried the DVD with the tele and noticed it was quite a grainy DVD certainly when compared with any new titles.

    Watching True Lies on the same channel last night was excellent – no problems at all. I’ve found TV to be surprisingly watchable and far better than I expected.

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