Golf & Retail Therapy

Took the day off work today and enjoyed a cracking day at Roodlea again – pics of the previous visit can be seen in the gallery. The weather was great and the break away from the norm, though clich’d, was just what I needed after busy work and the non-starter with the house purchase.

I’m sorely tempted to actually get lessons and take up golf more – really enjoy it every time I play it.

Sunday was spent shopping in town and for once a visit from Shakeel didn’t lead to a gadget purchase. Its not his fault but we do egg each other on into making some suspect purchases. This time it was clothes and cd’s so no money was wasted – well, less than normal.

So tomorrow is back to work and also the start of the house search again. There was another house we had seen but its already sold. Another lesson learnt – move quickly as someone else undoubtedly will!

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