Ghost Town

Voted yesterday in the Euro elections. First time in the new house. I couldn’t believe how quiet it was – the guy taking my name was checking off those who had voted and from what I could see there was only 5 or 6 names ticked out of around 30 on a page and this was at 7:30PM. Shocker. We reckoned in the office that someone only needs around 1 in 10 people to vote for them to get elected. Thats 1 in 10 of the whole population, not just those that voted. Yikes. Looking at the results, thankfully the BNP have taking a kicking and it looks like Labour have suffered badly – and finally they are admitting it’s due to Iraq. The tories must be kicking themselves – the first time in years that they get to turn the knife into Labour and the UKIP turn up and nab some of their vote. Stop laughing at the back.

Good to see Libdem’s gaining also – might reduce some of the snide comments Charles Kennedy has had to put up with.

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