Election Time – Too Close to Call?

This Thursday sees Scottish Parliament Elections and Local Council Elections and for the first time in ages the elections are actually interesting and forecasting a shift in power or at the very least a very close fight between SNP and Labour.

ToriesThe SNP have run a great campaign. Removing the independence question, slickening up the campaign and ‘hiding’ some of the more dubious members of the party and their views has certainly helped their cause. Alex Salmond has also turned down the cheek and smarm that I often associate with him – he’s looked like someone who could run the country which I’ve never thought before. I struggle to see how they’ll pay for their promises – the maths are still an issue for me.

The SNP campaign has also been relatively positive in total contrast to Labour. On the back of Iraq and sleaze they were always going to have a tough time but the repeated bashing of SNP rather than focussing on their own achievements and future plans, apart from education, is annoying and patronising. A poll tonight shows them neck and neck with the SNP but in so many ways they don’t deserve a third term. I’ve generally been a Labour voter but in reviewing what the parties are offering that’s in real doubt.

Lib Dems…anonymous and an almost public embarrassment at using Menzies Campbell. Charles Kennedy was seen and heard more than their leader. Nicol Stephen hasn’t done anything wrong but he appears a bit timid, quiet and he really has to drop the word passionate, especially when it’s said with so little conviction.

Tories. A party I’ll never vote for due to their actions in the past but hats off to Annabel Goldie who I think has done really well. Appears to answer questions honestly, to the point and at least they aren’t plotting a power share before the election has even taken place. Still, like the photo, I can only see them slipping down the polls.

I’ve also had so much propaganda through the front door, not just from the mainstream parties but also some I’ve never heard off. The 9% Growth party? Scottish Christian Party?

No matter who wins on Thursday (although I reckon it will take days to sort out) the shape of the parliament will be very different to the last four years and I’m looking forward to the next few days and how it all shakes out. I just hope the turnout is a lot higher – one vote could make a big difference.

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  1. Funnily enough election chat came up last night. In the past I’ve voted Labour too on the basis that the other lot were a complete shower. Don’t get me wrong, I’ve got plenty of issues with them, jobs-for-life corrupt councillors and civil servants (particularly in the Parking Department) grind my stones no end. I’m no fan of their nanny-state interventionism – and the abuse of civil liberties which masquerades itself as a penalty charge notice (i.e. the Police as judge and jury) causes me concerns. However, on the plus side our own personal experience of something like the NHS since Labour came into power has been exceptional. We’ve been to three hospitals in recent times, Wishaw, Hairmyres and the Princess Royal and all have been effectively brand new builds, bright and airy and full of helpful staff. I can’t really comment on Education, but I can see that all of our towns high schools are currently being completely rebuilt – into three large modern ‘super’ schools. Many of the primary schools are also being rebuilt from the ground up as we speak. Fingers crossed that when the kids start in a couple of years, they’ll get the benefit of that investment. I’m not up for taking a gamble on Salmond and his 3% local income tax. We would not benefit from that, and Government should be encouraging hard working families – not dishing out more handouts.

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