E4 on Freeview

Great news – Digital Spy are reporting that E4 will be on Freeview by the end of the year. For months (read years) I’ve resisted Sky. Too many channels, too little on said channels, too little time to watch terrestrial tv never mind 300 channels on Sky. But I want Sky One. I want E4. I want Sky Sports. More recently I want Sky+. This for me was almost reason enough to move to Sky.

But with E4 moving to Freeview I think I’ll make do with a new Freeview box with twin tuners and a hard disk. Probably cost £150-£300 but that will be it – no £31 to the evil that is Murdoch (childish but true). Just need to make my choice (or wait for the new Panasonic which has taken forever to come out). The only snag I can see is no matter which recorder you buy you end up with bugs and faults. That’s new technology for you. Now – where’s the video tape?

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  1. I have to admit that giving money to Sky/Murdoch does grate with me … but…

    Sky+ will completely change the way you watch TV. There is never NOTHING on now. I’ve got a couple of movies and documentaries in reserve if ‘live’ TV is rubbish. My DVD Recorder arrives on Wednesday and I’m all set.

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