Dare to Dream

It wasn’t pretty and there’s been many times they’ve been outplayed but we’re there. Rangers have made it to the Uefa Cup Final! The quad is still on, the team is just about hanging together and the next three weeks will be a roller coaster ride but after tonight I’m on such a high that I can’t wait for the next games. Work plans will need to change as I’m due to be down in Bristol on the 14th. Doh!

I really thought we had no chance tonight but for all Fiorentina’s possession and chances they didn’t really threaten that much. They had a few good chances but we rode our luck and stuck to the game plan that’s seen us progress so well this season. No doubt I’ll get the usual anti-football, negative Walter jibes at work tomorrow but what do you do. Play to your strengths and use a bit of nouse or go for it when you don’t have the players to do so? Rangers away record this season has been amazing in both the Champions league and in the Eufa cup and their final spot is well deserved. Cannot believe the difference in a season. Walter Smith in much the same way he did with Scotland has turned around a failing team. He also created a team whose sum is far greater than it’s individual parts again much like he did with Scotland. Still can’t believe he didn’t get manager of the year. Travesty!

Roll on May 14th. Roll on Scottish League and Cup wins too.

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  1. Hey if you go on to win the quad (the doomsday scenario in my book!) then fair do’s – all credit to Walter. I think ZSP will have their own ideas about how to get past your lot, but looking at the past two OF games may provide them with a starting point. Regardless. It’ll be amazing for you… enjoy. When the broadcast from the opening of the final begins you’ll be pinching yourself, it’ll be a rollercoaster and like you say, dare to dream. I’ll leave any comments about footballing style v’s results until May 22nd! 😉

  2. Just trying a new live stats service and saw you had visited 🙂 Managed to get my work travel sorted so I should be back in time for the game. Looking forward to May 22nd though and hopefully this will come true – no style, all substance.

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