Believe the Experts

Thankfully the Euro referendum is only a few days away. While both sides of the campaign have stretched claims to the extreme the one thing that really bugged me (apart from the blatant racist campaigning) was Gove and the Leave campaign insisting that everyone was fed up with experts. Stop listening to them. Why would they suggest such a thing? Is the electorate now more knowledgable on economics, immigration and law so as to make a reasonable choice of remain or leave?

Of course not. It’s because the experts are siding with Remain, the economic arguments don’t stack up and the Leave campaign is high on populist rhetoric, low on actual reasoned evidence.

I stumbled on this video today on Twitter by Professor Michael Dougan on the EU Referendum and it was a great 25 minute watch. No matter which way you are leaning it’s well worth some of your time.

I’d rather trust an expert than any politician. What about you?

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